Buzzi & Buzzi was founded in 1990 by Pietro Buzzi and Marialuisa Chiari, two successful professionals who decided to cultivate and explain the insights and knowledge they had gained from years of experience in the lighting sector.
Since the early years, the company has relied on the contribution of renowned architects, thus recognizing the importance of design differentiation.
Technology and design come together to create new concepts of light: the result is objects which are genuinely different, not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also functional and technical.

Buzzi & Buzzi has established itself both nationally and internationally. Due to its alertness towards requests and modern trends, the company has specialized in proposing total recessed lighting products, while making the most of the Coral®'s technical performance.

The company has distinguished itself over the years through an ethical commitment based on its respect for the environment. This is reflected not only in the use of Coral®, which goes beyond the concept of zero impact and also plays an active role in improving the environment in the space where it is installed, but also through the choice of light sources which are mainly energy-saving and LED lightbulbs used extensively in Buzzi & Buzzi products.

Careful to contemporary requests and languages, Buzzi & Buzzi emerged on the national and international market, specializing in production of total recessed luminaires.
The company distinguishes during years for the ethic commitment based on the respect of environment, not only using Coral® that overcoming the concept of zero impact, has an active role improving the space in which is installed, but also with the choice of lighting sources like compact fluorescent and LED.
Buzzi & Buzzi is a successful company careful to the innovation, to the study on the materials and to the continuous enhancement of quality and services. This philosophy allowed to develop and patent, beside Coral®, new materials that today distinguish and innovate the whole production: DurCoral®, the new outdoor material, Coral WaterOut®, thought for application in SPA, wellness club, or private situation where light and water have a fundamental role and AirCoral® eco-active material, antipollution and antibacterial patented and certified by the American Agency TCNA (Tile Council of North America), that is able to purify air contributing effectively to improve quality of life.


Fogliani Romania handles the wholesale distribution of electrical and lighting material, fire-prevention and security systems and of material for the ironmonger’s. It works efficiently in different sectors: electrical supply, industrial automation, cables and accessories, electrical accessories, security, lighting, environment and climate.
Fogliani Romania, together with Fogliani, Franchini, Sicurtec Varese, Futurtec, Officine della Luce and Ferlario, is part of Gruppo Fogliani.
Gruppo Fogliani was created by Fogliani spa in Cassano Magnago, in the province of Varese, a family-owned business founded in 1971. Since then, it has expanded and consolidated up untill today with headquarters, branch offices, sales points and showrooms in northern Italy, in the provinces of: Varese, Milan, Como, Verbania and Modena, and in Romania.